Window Treatments - Do You Want a Room to Look Finished?

Window treatments are of immeasurable importance when setting the tone of your room. They can give your room total privacy, filter natural light, block it entirely or direct a view toward the outdoors. They also become an important part of the décor of a room.

Choose a look that complements your design style and keep in mind that proportion is key to a successful design. Curtain arrangements are often the most eye catching aspect of a room and the feature that gives the most scope for creativity. Some windows are beautiful in themselves, and the "art" in such cases is to ensure that the dressing of fabric complements, rather than obscures, the architectural framework. Where the windows have no intrinsic merit, the options for curtaining are much wider.

The principle of treating windows is to keep the window treatments in consonance with the rest of the room, to create a coherent mood. The window treatment should never look as if it has been designed in isolation.

Keep in mind that your home's style and furnishings will affect the type of treatment you choose.

Window Glare, Furniture Fading - Are You Fighting the Ravages of the Sun?

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