Paint/Color - Are You Overwhelmed with the Selections Available?

Not long ago, we lived in a white, white world within our homes. But in the past few years home décor is awash in color - very dramatic, exciting color, and some of us are not sure what to do with so many colors. So begin by using your existing home furnishings and accessories as clues to the color choices you have available. If you're still having trouble deciding on a color or style, take a look at your wardrobe. What are the styles and colors that dominate your closet. Your clothing choices say a lot about the styles and colors you love.

Paint is the most basic of decorating materials. Should you choose to begin by only repainting a room, you have already made a strong design decision. A fresh coat of paint using new colors is the most obvious and simple way to transform a room. For immediate effect and complete flexibility, paint is an obvious choice. It is the single most versatile means of decorating due to its varied qualities of luster, transparency or opacity, and texture. Color is also the least expensive way to dramatize, stylize or personalize your home. It can completely alter the appearance. If your home does not contain interesting architectural features, you can transform it into a showplace with the imaginative use of color.

Color is determined by the light that you have available. Select a range of paint swatches and view them in your home with the light sources you'll be using in the room. Always do a test patch on your wall before purchasing paint. Try living with the test color on your wall for two or three days and then you'll learn how you really feel about it.

It's difficult to imagine what a whole room painted in a color chosen from a paint chip will look like. Therefore, we suggest you buy a small can of paint and test the color in the room being painted.

Light, bright colors will give life and a sense of spaciousness to small rooms, while dark colors will make large, cold rooms more intimate and inviting. With the simple choice to change colors you will radically alter the look of a room, from cook, dark serenity to rich, lively warmth.

If you test the paint on a large sheet of cardboard, you can move the color around the room thereby seeing how the color looks in the sun, a dark corner or near different pieces of furniture.

Don't be afraid to experiment with color. You need only to look to nature, then look closely at its extravagant use of color. Celebrate Color!