Carpeting - Are You Tired of Your Dirty Worn Carpeting?

Two tips that will help you get the best from your choice of carpeting. Insist on top of the line padding for durability to add to the life of the carpet and hire only an experienced and qualified carpet installer. Quality padding absorbs up to 90% of the impact of foot traffic. A higher investment in carpet padding will extend the life of your carpet and worth every penny you spend.

All carpet begins with a loop pile. To make a cut pile, the tips of the loops are sheared off, which produced the smooth finish of velvets and other styles. Cut pile carpets are by far the most common type purchased because they have the most luxurious look and feel.

Fibers used in carpets include wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene (olefin), and acrylic. They may be used alone or in blends.

Although expensive, wool carpeting is luxurious and durable, with excellent resistance to wear. It holds colors well and is available in a wide selection of styles.

Nylon is soft, wears well, and is less expensive than wool. It can be treated with a stain-resistant coating that makes it very easy to keep clean.

Polyester fiber does not wear as well as wool or nylon and has poor resistance to oil-based stains. It is soft to the touch and costs less than wool or nylon.

Polypropylene is not quite a resilient as the previously mentioned fibers but has excellent stain resistance and is relatively inexpensive. It is often used for indoor-outdoor carpeting.

Acrylic fiber is used in area rugs and may be cut to fit bathrooms and other small areas. Not as resilient or wear and stain resistant as wool or nylon, it is very soft and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Matting of coir, sisal grass, or rush ( all different types of plant fibers) is a neutral alternative to carpet. If you don't have or can't afford wood flooring, matting makes a good replacement. While matting is not as soft underfoot as carpeting, it does offer textural contrast and variety of patterns, including basket weave, herringbone, and stripes. It also comes in colors, mainly earth tones, and may be stenciled or painted.

Consider area rugs since they make great foundations, are a beautiful finishing touch, add depth to a room, cushion sound, and protect hardwood floors. Area rugs can soften or liven up hard floors.

With the very latest in color, texture, and design style along with the traditional, we can offer you an excellent choice of beautiful carpets suitable for any room in your home. And to make the experience as comfortable as possible, we bring the carpet samples to your home.

Wood/Vinyl/Tile Floors - Are You Tired of Carpeting Due to the Dust, the Allergies and the Vacuuming?

The floor is a large area of color and texture that fundamentally influences the overall feel of a room. A wooden floor, old or new, has great warmth and beauty. A natural, resilient, and flexible material, wood ages most attractively, darkening with exposure to sunlight, and slowly accumulating the marks, scars, and patina of traffic.

The color and grains of different woods are distinctive; lending themselves perfectly to transparent stained and polished finishes.

If your interest is in savings and your individual style loves the richness, warmth, and beauty of a wood floor certain laminate flooring mirrors the look of natural hardwood. Talk to us about your specific needs and preferences and we will bring you the samples to adapt to your particular style.

We have flooring available for every type of room and décor, there are tiles to suit the floor, elegant marble, resilient textured vinyl and laminates, cut stone or molded ceramic tiles and hardwood floors.

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