Displaying Collections - Do You Lack a Cohesive Look?

Remember that every family treasure, collectible or gift should not be displayed at once. Organize your collectibles by grouping collections together. Use similar objects and colors together in odd numbers, as they are more interesting to the eye.

Accessories add drama and character to a room, making points of focus and activity that often define its function. You can bring light into a room simply by hanging a mirror. It will make the room appear more spacious and serve as a decorative piece.

Accents also enhance a color scheme, introduce a texture, bring a sense of elegance or provide function in the form of lighting or clocks.

Placement of Art - Do You Guess at How High Art Should be Hung?

Framed pictures add substance to your style. A collection of small prints, photographs, or paintings looks good arranged together on a single wall, in a stepped arrangement up a staircase wall, or surrounding a central doorway. Symmetrical groupings are always pleasing, but a well-balanced asymmetrical display can be more engaging. (change some wording)

Art shouldn't be hung as if it's occupying space of its own. It should relate to the furniture below it. Separate artwork and furniture by no more than l0 inches.