Your home is your sanctuary.

Let Rooms Full of Grace help you make it a warmer and more welcoming environment with our unique, in-home consultation service.

We specialize in working with clients who want to use as much of what they currently have in their homes.

We can assist you in updating a room with color, or new flooring materials, and we can enhance the architecture with moldings and trims. With our own expert seamstress, we design and create the finest in window treatments to grace your home.

Through the selection process of drapery styles or paint colors - the addition of architectural elements such as moldings or trims - new carpeting, area rugs, or wood flooring; Rooms Full of Grace can guide you through the process to decorating success and complete satisfaction with all the beautiful details.

What's Your Style - Do You Know?

Begin by finding out what you like

Choose a style and mood you find attractive and comfortable for the family. Good design is as functional as it is beautiful. Few have the luxury to create a new room from scratch. So begin with an existing carpet or sofa and make one your focal point. Then begin collecting samples closest in texture and color. You might also collect pictures of rooms that appeal to you, but be realistic in your choice of pictures since you want to live comfortably in the room you're decorating. Remember YOUR home is YOUR sanctuary. So by now you may have an idea of what your style is. Is it?:

  • Traditional (formal, rich fabrics, cherry wood, elegant)
  • Country (antiques, pine, collectibles, comfortable warm feel)
  • Contemporary (clean lines, dramatic)
  • Romantic (soft, elegant, ruffles, lace)
  • Oriental (antiques, dramatic colors, high style)
  • Southwestern (earth tones, textures, artifacts)
  • Transitional or Eclectic (mixes of any style)

If there's a lot going on in a room you should remember that pattern scales, proportion and color in draperies, accessories and carpeting should be balanced. Use a limited color palette to unify.

Don't restrict yourself to only one range of colors. Experiment with a variety of colors and textures. If there is a strong pattern on your permanent fixture, use those colors as the basis for your new color scheme.

Once you decide on a scheme in terms of colors, materials, furnishing, and details, wait a few days, then go back and try to loosen it up a little. You don't want everything to match perfectly since the room will look contrived and unwelcoming. Throw one extra color into the palette you've chosen, or use throw pillows that don't have the same textures as the drapes and it all comes down to an environment which then seems much more natural with your own individuality.

Celebrate Your Style and Individuality!

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